Leadership in Action

At Saint Thomas Academy, cadets cultivate strength of character, individual excellence, teamwork, self-discipline, respect, confidence, and responsible leadership skills. Every day, we are shaping leadership potential through the school's independent military program.

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The Value of a Military Program

The school's military discipline prepares graduates to be successful, ethical leaders in their future academic, personal, and professional lives. As a military/leadership day school, we have a college preparatory curriculum. All of our students work very hard in and out of the classroom to achieve academically, while learning valuable skills like time management, CPR, and financial budgeting.

What does being a cadet mean?

  • Cadets participate in regular military reviews, ceremonies, inspection, and daily Formation.
  • Students achieve military rank through performance in class, in co-curriculars, and standards in attitude, and appearance.
  • The department is directed by the Commandant of Cadets and includes U.S. Army veterans.
  • Each year, several cadets are accepted to military academies and/or earn valuable ROTC scholarships for college.

Proud to be in Uniform

Our students wear their uniforms with pride and a sense of community. High school students wear a military uniform—a school tradition that dates back to 1905. Middle School students wear a uniform of navy pants, light blue collared shirt, and a tie.

“Leadership has taught me to be confident in myself. Leadership is not at all what it seems to be. The military program at STA helps us, the students, become better individuals.”

—STA Student