Choosing the Leader of the Corps

The Cadet Colonel is the highest ranking officer in the Corps of Cadets and leads the Corps day-to-day and for many special events and reviews.

Cadet Colonel Selection Process

The STA Cadet Colonel and Cadet Lieutenant Colonel selection process and ceremony occurs in November and finalizes the cadet chain of command for the school year. The Cadet Colonel becomes the cadet brigade commander. In addition, the brigade executive officer, the chief of staff, and three battalion commanders are also chosen. Each position is a functional job within a military organization. 

A selection board evaluates candidates based upon: 

  • Academic performance

  • Military performance
  • Athletic involvement
  • Co-curricular involvement
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Merits and Demerits
  • Public speaking
  • Ability to uphold the values and traditions of STA

The Board consists of:

  • Headmaster: Non-voting member / adjudicator
  • Commandant: Board chair and voting member
  • Director of Upper School: Voting member
  • Director of Academic Life: Voting member
  • Dean of Students: Voting member
  • Faculty Representative: Voting member
  • Student Representative (student-selected faculty member): Voting member
  • Advanced Military Instructor: Recorder, non–voting member