Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most common questions we hear on a regular basis, followed by answers that help explain what makes our school unique. If you have more questions, please contact our admissions office at 651-683-1516 or

Can my family afford Saint Thomas Academy?

Yes! We are committed to providing a high quality education to all qualified students who want to work hard for an education, regardless of income. Learn more about financial assistance

Do you still plan on being a military school? 

Yes! We are very proud of our military/leadership “pillar,’’ and we are committed to maintaining it at STA. The transition in 2015 from JROTC to an independent military school provides exciting new latitude for the program overall, and will give us broad opportunity for important additions to our military leadership curriculum.

Do I have to be Catholic to attend STA?

No. While Catholic beliefs and Christian values are taught and practiced every day, in and out of the classroom, 20% of our students are not Catholic. All faiths and cultures are welcome at STA.

I have a learning disability, can I apply at STA?

Absolutely. Our counseling department includes two learning specialists, two counselors, and a psychologist. They work with students to develop strategies that will allow them to be successful in the classroom. Our curriculum is rigorous and not for everyone. We evaluate each prospective student individually; please contact our admissions office for details.     

Are athletics more important than academics?

No! Since our founding by Archbishop Ireland in 1885, college preparatory academics have been, and always will be, the emphasis of a Saint Thomas Academy education. 

Is STA a reform school?

No. As a military/leadership day school, we have a college preparatory curriculum. All of our students work very hard in and out of the classroom to achieve academically. Our military leadership program prepares students to be responsible, ethical leaders in college and life. 

Do you offer athletic scholarships?

No. All of our financial assistance is based on need and supported by the application parents complete. We also offer merit-based scholarships. Learn more about financial assistance

Isn’t it contradictory to be a Catholic military school?

No. A member of the Class of 2013 said it well, “I have been able to see the relationship between leadership and discipleship come to life in front of my eyes. As a younger cadet I was taught discipleship by following the example of the elder cadets and learning to encompass the values a strong spiritual life would possess.”

Do I have to be an athlete to fit in at STA?

No. In addition to co-curricular athletics, the Academy has 40+ co-curricular activities. We have a thriving music program and an award-winning theater department. Students will find friends and excel in the math team, the quiz bowl team, the rifle team, newspaper staff, and language clubs, to name a few. Learn more about all our activities and athletics.

Does the school have busing?

While transportation to school is primarily the responsibility of the family and student, the school subsidizes some of the cost of operating bus routes. Some routes have morning, after-school, and activity service, while others have only morning and activity service. Learn more on the transportation page

How will Saint Thomas Academy help me after I graduate?

The ST(M)A network is very strong. Upon graduation, a cadet moves on from a school of 600+ and enters an alumni network of 7,000+. The alumni association provides numerous opportunities for graduates to succeed in college and afterward. We have a LinkedIn network, Facebook pages, a formal internship program, and many other ways to support our alumni.

Will I see any girls?

Yes. We share a number of classes and activities with Visitation School, including world languages, band, theater, and dances.