How to Get Ahead in High School & College

Success in high school and college starts at the Saint Thomas Academy Middle School.

The Middle School program (grades 6-8) instills positive and productive habits, skills, and attitudes that are essential for a young man's success in higher education. We prepare your son for success at one of the premier college preparatory schools in Minnesota - Saint Thomas Academy.

Here, Middle School alumni do exceptionally well and excel in the college prep environment. Among their many secondary accomplishments, they are the Academy's future academic achievement award recipients, the future athletic captains, and the future military program leaders.

More Than Classroom Opportunities

While getting a superb education, your son will enjoy the many exclusive programs that the Middle School offers. These programs include: the 1:1 iPad program, a rich array of electives and field trips (including fine arts and STEM), and co-curricular activities and athletics for any and all interests.

In addition, Middle School students enjoy state-of-the-art facilities with the high school students, who serve as positive role models for the school's younger students.

How does your son get ahead in high school and college? It begins by enrolling him at the Saint Thomas Academy Middle School.