Your Guide to Classroom Life

From the first day of school until graduation, our students have places to be, friends to make, and goals to achieve. Day-to-day life as a cadet comes with expectations: to prepare for college, to learn to be a mature and respectful person, and to have fun while achieving.

Included in this section

We want every student to understand the academic requirements to succeed at STA. This section discusses the course descriptions, the student handbook, graduation requirements, and test schedules.

Course Descriptions

The goal of graduation has a number of incremental steps. Our booklet will help you clearly define those steps.

Student Handbook

Setting and communicating expectations creates a healthy environment for students to thrive.

Graduation Requirements

Our academic requirements for graduation focus on your son's intellectual, spiritual, and leadership development.

Quarter & Semester Test Schedule

Getting where you need to be: STA test schedule.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Students can earn college credit by testing well in one of our Advanced Placement courses.

Academic Recovery

Students who fall behind won't fall through the cracks. We work with the student, parents, counselors, and teachers to help your son succeed.