Welcome to College Counseling

The mission of our department is to facilitate the college search and application process for our students. The process begins in ninth and tenth grade, which will intensify in 11th, and 12th grades. It is our goal to provide each student and his parents with the information, advice, and support needed to make good choices about where to apply and enroll for college.

Transcript Release Form

For school records, please contact the College Counseling office about getting a copy of your transcript.

Information Needed

Please fill out the form below to request a transcript. The form will be sent directly to Ms. Norma Gutierrez (Director of College Counseling) and Mr. Casey Erickson (Associate Director of College Counseling). Note that all transcript requests must be approved by the business office manager. During the summer months, transcript requests are processed on Wednesdays.


Norma's contact e-mail is ngutierrez@cadets.com and Casey's contact e-mail is cerickson@cadets.com.

 Personal use (e.g. drivers license/good student discount)
 Athletics or college reference
 Application to summer program
 Application to another secondary school
 STA alumnus applying for transfer admissions/academic program
 STA alumnus job application/credential verification
 Mail to program
 Pick up at STA
 Mail to requester
 the student
 the parent
 an alumnus