English Department

Our English teachers develop your son's reading, writing, and comprehension skills. Students are introduced to broad genres of literature and writing.

Department Chairperson

John Douglass

Mr. Douglass has taught at STA since 2009.
His contact information is 651-683-1555 x 1334 and jdouglass@cadets.com.


Department Chair Overview

The English program at Saint Thomas Academy provides students with the opportunity to develop increasing mastery of skills in reading, writing, speaking, focusing on student-centered approaches. Grade six stresses general language skills. Grades seven and eight emphasize language skills necessary for successful study in high school and at the college level. Grade nine emphasizes language skills necessary for successful study at the Academy while courses in grades ten through twelve increasingly prepare students for successful study at the college level. The department believes that individuals who understand and can use language effectively will enjoy more fulfilling lives.

The English Department gives all students the tools to:

  • Read with understanding and critical insight.
  • Express ideas clearly in a variety of written forms.
  • Develop skills necessary for effective oral communication.
  • Analyze and evaluate the significance of ideas.
  • Conduct and present scholarly research
  • Hone critical thinking skills

“My English teacher pushes me to do my best in my writing. My interest in novels has grown throughout the school year because of the way we learn how to read them in class. She writes little notes on our papers to tell us what we did right and wrong, and what we can improve upon.”

—STA student