Middle School English Courses

The English program at Saint Thomas Academy provides students with the opportunity to develop increasing mastery of skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. Grades seven and eight emphasize language skills necessary for successful study in high school and at the college level. The underlying assumption of our program is that individuals who understand and can use language effectively will enjoy more fulfilling lives. Students will learn to:

•    Read with understanding and critical insight.
•    Express ideas clearly in a variety of written forms.
•    Develop skills necessary for effective oral communication.
•    Improve listening skills.
•    Develop viewing abilities.

ENGLISH 6 - Grade Level: 6
This course stresses general language skills. Formal comprehension, grammar and vocabulary instruction are introduced. Writing assignments focus on the composition of paragraphs meeting various benchmarks of organization and writing skills.

ENGLISH 7 - Grade Level: 7
This course builds upon the general language skills developed in sixth grade English. It continues to integrate a study of grammar and vocabulary in connection to composition, speech and literature.   Writing assignments expand to various types of essays and creative works.

ENGLISH 8 - Grade Level: 8
This course expands on the advancing writing and language skills explored in seventh grade English.  It continues to build on established grammar and vocabulary study in conjunction with composition, speech, and literature.  Both creative and expository writing build on previously established skills.

Middle School Electives

CREATIVE WRITING - Grade Level: 6-8, quarter based
In this course students will use technology and creative writing skills to develop a graphic novel and an informational magazine. This course will focus on writing skills, working with a group, and using technology to enhance the creative process.  Class graded S/U.

INDEPENDENT READING - Grade Level: 6-8, quarter-based
This elective is designed to develop reading skills and work in a group setting to critically discuss novels and informational text. We will be using literature circles during class time to develop critical thinking and comprehension skills.  Class graded S/U.