The Writing Lab (The Write Place)

The STA Writing Lab, (the Write Place, located in the Learning Commons) is a service provided to all students. Established in 1999-2000 by retired English teacher Donna Isaac, in collaboration with the English Department and the Administration, the lab recognizes that adolescent males may truly benefit from a one-on-one consultation in the area of writing. A University of Chicago study found that "males are, on average, at a rather profound disadvantage in the performance of this basic skill." The lab is run by English teachers during posted hours.

Some key objectives of the lab are as follows:

  • To provide students with a learning alternative and another outlet for receiving reactions to their writing
  • To encourage students to write more and to be comfortable with writing
  • To assist and teach students how to edit and revise written work of any kind
  • To allow students extra time to work during a writing process
  • To foster creative writing
  • To teach special classes or tutorials in writing when possible
  • To foster good grammar and vocabulary use
  • To help students publish their writing
  • To help with college essays
  • To further prepare students to meet the demands of writing in a college setting

English teachers do not want to just be glorified editors but can help students with these specific tasks:

  • brainstorming for ideas
  • planning a paper
  • creating a thesis
  • organizing ideas
  • ideas for development and support of thesis
  • revision
  • editing

specifics for using the writing lab

If a student comes to the Write Place for help, he should have the writing assignment handy, bring a double-spaced typed copy of any writing done thus far, have specific, directed questions for the teacher, and be on time.

This year (2016-17) appointments are available every during both FLEX periods. Students can access an online calendar to make ten minute appointments. Students who have made appointments will be given priority. Additional time is available on Thursdays, 7:00-7:50 a.m. and 3:15-4:00 p.m. If a student cannot make an appointment, he is excepted to cancel the online reservation.

Remember: Smart people ask for help. The English Department is pleased to help you with any writing task.