Health & Physical Education Courses

Course descriptions for Middle School and High School.

Summary of Courses

Physical Education - .5 credit required each year of Saint Thomas Academy Middle School enrollment. Inclusion of both Health and Wellness topics are included in middle school PE classes. Middle School Physical Education will focus on developing personal motor skills and be introduced to strategies and concepts of playground games and activities.  As a support to their social development, students will analyze the influence of family, peers and their culture including social media and technology in the context of their personal health behaviors.

Health topics for discussion in Middle School will include:

  • Understanding emotional behavior swings and dealing with new stressors.
  • Awareness of unhealthy substances and conveying the impact of substance abuse.
  • Nutritional guidelines for food and beverages that promote a healthy life-style.

A Satisfactory (S) grade is recorded for successful completion of the Physical Education requirement and is not included in the overall GPA.  Project-based learning and formative assessments will be used to evaluate Middle School Physical Education, health and wellness learning.

HEALTH - Grade Level: 9    Weight: 1.0
The health course is designed to include current topics as well as information related to body systems, nutrition, anatomy and personal wellness.  Age-relevant topics and activities are included in health options in grades 10 through 12. Students must complete an additional quarter of health for graduation, integrated within the PE curriculum.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION I - Grade Level: 9    Weight: N/A
Physical Education courses are activity-based involving instruction and participation in both team and individual activities. Team sports may include soccer, football, basketball, speedball, volleyball, pickle ball, and softball. Individual activities are age-relevant and introduce students to fitness and conditioning, including swimming, weight training and personal physical fitness testing.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION II - Grade Level: 10    Weight: N/A
Continued instruction and participation in both team and individual activities. Team sports may once again, include soccer, football, basketball, speedball, volleyball, pickle ball, badminton and softball. Individual activities are age-relevant and allow students to further develop their personal fitness.  Conditioning, swimming, weight training and water safety units are part of the curriculum.

ADVANCED HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Grade Level: 11-12    Weight: N/A
With an individualized approach, the activities of Advanced Physical Education are age-appropriate and designed to allow students to concentrate on life-long skills and activities that will enhance their development as healthy members of society beyond Saint Thomas Academy. Involving the aspects of physiology and life science, students will develop a deeper understanding of why and how they can live healthy lives.

Students participating in athletics have the option of counting their participation towards the second half of the P.E. graduation requirement (all 9th graders take P.E.).  A cadet who chooses this option must complete the application process and must demonstrate competency in Saint Thomas Academy’s physical fitness criteria. This involves creating a yearly plan/portfolio to track nutrition, exercise and various assignments designed to meet the core requirements of the Health & Physical Education program.  This only applies to STA activities and the student must complete the season. This course is designed as an independent study, will meet during flex as needed, and may include an online component.