Our mathematics program is designed to challenge students with classes ranging from transitional math to AP Calculus. 

Interim Department Chairperson

 Westerback.jpgErick Westerback
 Mr. Westerback has taught at STA since 2001.
 His contact information is 651-683-1555 x 1336 and
 Mr. Jeff Smith is on a leave of absence for two years.


Department Chair Overview

The mathematics program at Saint Thomas Academy is designed to challenge students with an enriched curriculum and to make appropriate courses available to all students. It is our objective that the students will:

  • Become proficient at basic arithmetic, algebra, and analytical thinking skills.
  • Develop the ability to solve both routine and non-routine problems using a variety of strategies.
  • Become familiar with the use of mathematical tools, such as compasses, protractors, calculators, and mathematical computer software.

"My favorite class is math, because I am in class with seniors. Having this relationship with older students is a great help for me, whether it is receiving advice or simply looking at them as role models. It is a great class, because we learn a lot about math while still enjoying ourselves."

—STA student