Using Technology to Enhance Teaching

Technology is woven into the fabric of our instruction to support the learning experiences in our classrooms. Technology is just one more technique, or tool, our teachers use and demonstrate to support the 21st century skills necessary for our students to achieve our mission.

In the Classroom

All classrooms have technology available to our instructors including ceiling mounted data/video projectors, laptop computers, and student response systems. Interactive whiteboards and sound field systems are also being embedded into classrooms to further support the learning experience. A variety of computer labs, focused on specific academic areas are available to teachers for full class instruction or small group instruction/work including: computer graphics, digital photography, advanced military leadership, advanced placement computer science, and creative writing, just to name a few.

High School

High School students at Saint Thomas Academy are expected to bring a laptop to connect to the school network for educational use. Use of the laptop, as well as any digital device, in the classroom is at the discretion of the teacher and must be used in accordance with the Internet and Network Acceptable Use Policy.

Middle School

Saint Thomas Academy Middle School students are part of the 1:1 iPad program. College preparatory academics have been, and always will be, one pillar of a Saint Thomas Academy education. With its intuitive interface, ease of use, and ability to consolidate so many resources and functions for students including textbooks, notebooks, atlases, calendars, cameras, calculators and more, the iPad has proven to be the ideal tool for enhancing communication, collaboration, and creativity in our 21st century learning environment for middle school boys. While other devices possess similar functionality, our research and experience have demonstrated that the iPad has the greatest positive impact on teaching and learning in our classrooms.


Staff and students have access to a wide variety of resources to stay connected through the use of technology. Many of the resources in use by the Academy are web-based and simply require a connection to the Internet.  Students who bring in their own devices to connect to our network have access to all of these resources. These resources include:

  • PowerSchool (Grades and attendance)
  • Schoology (Homework assignments and course information)
  • Google Apps for Education (Email, document storage and online collaboration)
  • (Plagiarism prevention program)
  • NoodleTools (Integrated tools for the research process and collaboration)