Pagers Reading Program

What is it?

Pagers is a program that supports the benefits of reading.

What is its purpose?

  • To encourage independent reading as a pleasurable experience, a worthwhile endeavor, and a part of the Saint Thomas Academy culture;
  • To build community with other students and with faculty and staff.

How does it work?

  • Read one book a quarter;
  • Participate all four quarters, or as you choose;
  • Books can be purchased at a discount through the school, or they can be purchased independently, or borrowed from libraries;
  • Books will be discussed at the end of each quarter during a B Day open period;
  • Students meeting participation requirements will receive extra credit through their English classes.

What constitutes "meeting participation requirements"?

  • Students must complete the entire book by the designated date;
  • Students must attend the discussion group;
  • Students should bring a copy of the book to the discussion;
  • Students must pass a comprehension quiz;
  • Students must participate in the discussions in a meaningful way to demonstrate to the moderator that he has actually read the book.

How do students participate?

  • Sign up via the online form;
  • Purchase books at a discounted rate in the Learning Commons or obtain independently (paper or electronic);
  • Attend the small group discussion.

How are books chosen for Pagers?

There are several criteria used to select books for Pagers. These include:

  • Broad range of appeal and appropriate for ages 14-18 (or 12-14 for Middle School);
  • Diverse topics, styles of writing, and literary genres;
  • Appropriate level of literary quality;
  • Available in paperback and generally between 250-350 pages.