Teaching Students Life Skills

Students learn about leadership, gentlemanship, respect, and self confidence through the Academy’s compulsory military leadership program. Click here for more information about the Corps of Cadets.

Commandant of Cadets

DePuglio_Chair.jpgLTC Michael DePuglio
LTC Michael DePuglio (U.S. Army, ret.) has been at STA since 2002.
His contact information is 651-683-1547 and mdepuglio@cadets.com



Commandant Overview

The mission of the Saint Thomas Academy (Military Institute) Leadership program is to develop life skills through participation as a cadet in the Saint Thomas Academy (MI) Corps of Cadets structure and military program. These skills include:

  • Development and study of leadership skills
  • Cadet planned and executed events/activities
  • The importance of teamwork
  • Learning to be a good follower
  • Decision-making
  • Problem analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Mentorship/Counseling
  • Speaking/Personal projection
  • Self discipline
  • Punctuality
  • Appearance
  • Standards
  • Selfless-Service
  • Respect for Authority
  • Character/Integrity
  • Citizenship and Patriotism
  • Gentlemanship

Note: All freshmen are expected to take Rifle Marksmanship and Weapons Safety. Cadets may enhance their leadership skills in several military led co-curriculars. These include:

  • Crack Drill Squad
  • Honor Guard/Color Guard
  • Ranger Challenge
  • Rifle Team
  • Clay Target Team

"The leadership program is a big part of STA because it encourages kids to not only think about the importance of leadership roles in every aspect of our lives, but also offers so many ways that kids can become leaders. Being a good leader is a trait that STA wants every student to consider, even at the smallest level and on a daily basis, but the school also has a big leadership structure in place, so that in addition to leading in clubs and sports, students can also hold military positions."

—STA student