Science Department

Our science program teaches fundamental scientific principles, theories, and mathematical relationships, along with scientific reasoning through inquiry-based laboratory investigations. 

Department Chairperson

Sonya Jaworski

Ms. Jaworski has taught at STA since 2006.
Her contact information is 651-683-1555 x 1300 and


Department Chair Overview

The science program at Saint Thomas Academy prepares students for college science courses. We offer sequences for students who are interested in science or engineering programs in college and for those who may not intend to take advanced science courses in college. Students study fundamental scientific principles, theories, and mathematical relationships, and learn scientific reasoning across all grade levels through STEAM related applications and through inquiry-based laboratory investigations. In addition, it is our intent that students will:

  • Understand the role of science and technology in their lives.
  • Use scientific methods to analyze and solve problems.
  • Make valid and ethical decisions about scientific issues.
  • Become sensitive to the global implications of life-style choices.
  • Evaluate their potential for careers in science.
"AP Environmental Science is one of my favorite classes. It is a very entertaining and informative hands-on class where we actually go out and test water samples around STA campus to see how we are doing with the environment in our own community. It is not only an AP class that will prepare me for college, but it is a class that correlates to the real world. We learn strategies and options to help the environment that we can easily put in effect in our own lives to better our environment."

—STA student