Your Guide to STA Admission 

Students_MSscience.jpgBefore you apply, it’s helpful to understand STA’s acceptance criteria and admissions evaluation process. Our goal is to maximize your student’s potential for success.

About our Acceptance Criteria

Saint Thomas Academy does not have a “set” criteria for acceptance. Because we have a rigorous college prep program, we use the factors below to evaluate if a student will be able to meet the academic requirements to succeed and thrive at the Academy. Students may be accepted on supervision.

Academic acceptance is based on several factors:

  • Academic performance over the past two years. This includes: grades, standardized test scores, and teachers’ comments.  
  • The score on the entrance exam (CogAT test). This test is a good indicator of the potential academic success of each student.  
  • An evaluation by the student’s current mathematics and English teachers, whose comments, along with grades and test scores, are used for placement. 

STA is proud to remain accessible to families of all income levels, and approximately 40% of our students receive need-based financial assistance. We welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds to benefit from the Catholic values taught at STA.

Typical Admissions Timeline

  • January Take entrance exam (CogAT test).
  • February Admissions committee meets to review completed files.
  • Mid February Letters of intent mailed from the admissions office.  
  • March 1 – Deposit deadline.
  • Mid March – New student registration evening.

The Admission Committee is responsible for the selection of each student for the next school year. This committee is comprised of:

  • Director of Admissions
  • Director of Academic Life
  • Director of the Upper School
  • Director of the Middle School
  • Learning Specialist
  • Department chairs for mathematics and english

Required Documents for Applying

A student’s file is complete and reviewed when it includes the following:

  • Application and essay
  • Entrance Exam score
  • School records
  • Teacher evaluations