Making STA Affordable for Families

We want to help ensure that a Saint Thomas Academy education is accessible and affordable.

Financial Grant

Many STA families qualify for financial assistance. In fact, STA need-based grants averaged $9,600 per student for this school year.

Saint Thomas Academy’s process for calculating grants differs from other private schools in the Twin Cities. STA awards a higher number of grants to middle-class families ($80,000 to $140,000 income level) than any other school. This process allows for a truly socio-economically diverse student body.

In addition, STA awards a number of academic scholarships annually.

What You Need to Know About Applying for Financial Assistance

1. All financial assistance applicants need to complete the Archdiocesan financial aid (TADS) application form, which requires family income, expense, and asset information.

  • Applications are processed to determine the applicant's adjusted income. Adjusted income is: Current income less standard amounts allowed for living expenses, plus a percentage of assets.
  • The adjusted income number indicates relative need and is the basis used for awarding grants. Gross income, family size, and amount of assets are the major factors influencing financial assistance.

2. Financial assistance must be applied for each year. The fastest way to process your application is to apply online with TADS after January 1st.

  • The financial assistance deadline is March 1, 2018 for the 2018-19 school year.
  • The completed form, along with a copy of the applicant's tax return, is sent to TADS—a $34 processing fee made payable to TADS must be included.
  • Late applicants may still file for financial assistance through the TADS Website. 

  • All applications are processed and returned to the school by the end of March.

3. The Saint Thomas Academy financial assistance committee then determines individual financial grant amounts. The committee uses information provided by TADS, along with a grant table developed by STA.  

  • The financial grant amount is then communicated to each family by the middle of April.
  • Families who do not submit a Financial Assistance Application by March 1, 2018, but who otherwise qualify for aid, may be placed on a waiting list depending on availability of funds.

Estimating Financial Assistance

Every family's situation is unique. For that reason, we ask that you make an appointment to visit with us to determine the amount of assistance available for financial grants and academic scholarships. Please contact Pam Kunkel, Director of Business Affairs, at 651-683-1510 or

Financial Assistance Questions?

Please contact Pam Kunkel, Director of Business Affairs, at 651-683-1510 or

"My vision is to provide sufficient tuition assistance to make it possible for any qualified boy who needs financial aid to attend Saint Thomas Academy."

—Headmaster Matthew C. Mohs