Smart Tuition

Saint Thomas Academy partners with Smart Tuition for processing our families’ tuition payments. By partnering with a secure tuition management system, we join other private schools using such services to better serve families. 

Making Payments Easier to Manage

Smart Tuition has twelve-month, ten-month, quarterly, or annual payment plan options. With Smart Tuition you’ll be able to:

Select a payment type that works best for you

  • Smart Tuition can send you an invoice monthly allowing you the option to mail in a payment, make a payment over the phone, or make a payment on the Internet.
  • Smart Tuition can automatically debit your credit card, checking account, or savings account on a monthly basis.

Manage your Smart Tuition account online

  • You can edit your own profile, including your contact information, payment options, and much more.
  • You can review and print your monthly billing details and payment history.
  • You can make payments through Smart Tuition’s secure website.

Receive payment and follow up reminders

  • If you set up to pay automatically, Smart Tuition will e-mail you a reminder of your upcoming payment 7-10 days before your due date.
  • If you happen to miss a payment or have an outstanding balance, they will remind you by e-mail and phone that there is a $40 fee assessed for late payments.

Speak to a customer service representative

  • Smart Tuition has a helpful and experienced customer service staff available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—1-888-868-8828.
  • Their customer service team can help answer questions about your account and also take a payment over the phone.

In order to ensure proper account set-up, please use the enrollment instructions.

Account Overview

The following is a brief overview of how your account will be handled using Smart Tuition.

Primary Account Holder

One parent or guardian must be listed as the primary account holder, responsible for paying the student(s) charges.

This person will be issued a username and password to access their account on Smart Tuition’s secure website. The primary account holder may allow for an additional authorized person to access the account in order to view information, make payments, or make account changes.

Payment Method Options

On the enrollment form, there are two options available for you.

1. Payment to Smart Tuition by mail, web, or telephone (checks or money order payable to Smart Tuition). Smart Tuition does not accept cash payments.  

    • A payment can be made through the Smart Tuition's secure website.
    • A payment can be made over the phone by calling Smart Tuition’s toll-free customer service line—1-888-868-8828.
    • Online payment initiated from your bank or financial institution. Please note that your financial institution does not electronically transfer the payment over to Smart Tuition. They will make a check to Smart Tuition. To ensure your payment is received on time, please set up your online bill pay to occur 7-10 days before your due date.

2. Automatic debit from your checking or savings account or credit card. MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express cards are accepted. A 2.85% convenience fee will be assessed for all credit/debit card transactions.


If the primary account holder elects to make payments through the mail, Smart Tuition will mail the invoice approximately 20 days before your due date. If an automatic debit from a checking, savings, or credit card account has been selected you will receive a welcome letter at the beginning of the school year and reminder e-mail each month. These e-mails are sent approximately 10 days before your scheduled due date and will contain the debit amount. Your complete billing information will be available online.

Switching Payment Method 

Your payment method may be changed by contacting Smart Tuition, your school’s business office, or on the Smart Tuition secure website. A minimum of three business days notice is required to make changes or updates to your payment method. 

Accessing Account Information

You may access your account at any time by going to the Smart Tuition secure website, where you’ll be able to view all your account activity and information. Once we receive your Smart Tuition enrollment form and your account is established, you’ll receive your unique username and password by mail about 15-20 days prior to your first due date.

Questions Regarding Your Account

Please contact the Smart Parent Help Center at 1-888-868-8828. Open for your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Delinquent Payments

Smart Tuition will contact the primary account holder by telephone and e-mail if a payment is not received in full by the due date selected. A $40 fee will be assessed to your account when a payment is not received on time.

Bank Fees

In the event that your payment fails, a $30 bank fee will be posted to your account.

Set up your account now with these easy enrollment instructions.