2014-15 School Year

Group Accomplishments

The varsity Cross Country team placed second in the conference and ninth in the section. The  JV team finished first in the conference.

The varsity Soccer team had a 9-6-3 record for the season. They lost in the second round of the play-offs (quarter finals of the section).

The varsity Football team had a 6-3 overall record for the season, 5-2 in conference play. The team tied for second in the conference and lost in the section semi-final game.

The Swimming & Diving team placed first in the conference and the section; the team won the True Team and Class A state championships. Coach Barnes was named Class A Coach of the Year.

The Wrestling team had a good season. Two wrestlers, Josh Tarum '15 and J. Lennon '18 participated in the Class 2A state tournament where Tarum was the individual champion—the first for STA (other champions were State Catholic or State Private School titles).

The Hockey team was conference co-champion and section champion. The team was the consolation champion in the Class 2A state tournament.

The Basketball team had a regular season record of 19-9, placed second in the conference and lost in the second round of sections.

The Nordic Ski team placed second at the varsity conference meet and first in the JV conference meet.

The Alpine Ski team placed second in the conference for the season.

The Golf team won the Section 3 (Class 3A) Championship for the second consecutive year and placed sixth at the Class 3A State Tournament.

The Baseball team had a regular season record of 12-11, placed third in the conference and lost in the second round of sections.

The Lacrosse team finished the regular season with a record of 10-6, placed second in the conference and lost in the section final.

The Tennis team was seeded fifth in the section tournament and made it to the second round.

The Track & Field team again won both the JV and Varsity Catholic Invitational meets. Josh Tarum '15 and J. Hallum ’16 qualified for the state tournament in pole vault and 100-meter dash, respectively. At the state meet, Tarum tied the school pole vault record of 13' 3".      

Individual Accomplishments

M. Brown '16 (Swimming) 
S. Johanns '15 (Swimming)
W. Mayleben '17 (Swimming)
H. Nielsen '16 (Swimming)
W. Sexson '16 (Swimming)
T. Weiss '16 (Swimming x2) 

R. Barnes '15 (Lacrosse)
M. Brown '16 (Swimming x3)
N. Caspers '15 (Rifle Team)
M. Chapman '15 (Rifle Team)
S. Donohue '15 (Hockey)
G. Dumler '16 (Second Team, Soccer)
T. Fyten '15 (Rifle Team)
C. Glass '16 (Swimming)
S. Johanns '15 (Swimming x4)
W. Mayleben '17 (Swimming x3)
J. Najarian '15 (Swimming x2)
H. Nielsen '16 (Swimming x4)
S. Olson '18 (Rifle Team)
J. Pursley '15 (Swimming)
E. Ruzicka '16 (Swimming x2)
M. Ruzicka '15 (Swimming x2)
M. Schmidt '15 (Minnesota Football Coaches' Association, Second Team, Football)
W. Sexson '16 (Swimming x4)
S. Supplee '15 (Rifle Team)
J. Tarum '15 (Individual State Champion, Wrestling)
J. Tarum '15 (Track & Field)
P. Tufto '15 (Hockey)
C. Versich '15 (Hockey) 
T. Weiss '16 (Swimming x4)  

Pioneer Press
All-East Metro Team—M. Schmidt '15 (Football)

R. Barnes '15 (Football)
R. Barnes '15 (Lacrosse)
M. Bastiaens '16 (Track & Field)
D. Beckman '15 (Track & Field)
J. Bellomo '15 (Tennis)
J. Benedict '17 (Cross Country)
C. Berg '15 (Band)
J. Boyle '17 (Band)
A. Broetzman '15 (Hockey)
M. Brown '16 (Swimming)
M. Brown '16 (Tennis)
J. Caspers '15 (Track & Field)
J. Cordero '16 (Lacrosse)
P. Cunniff '15 (Band)
J. Dolan '15 (Tennis)
M. Donohue '19 (Golf)
S. Donohue '15 (Hockey)
G. Dumler '16 (Soccer)
K. Endahl '15 (Basketball)
J. Finn '15 (Lacrosse)
J. Folkman '20 (Alpine Ski)
J. Foster '17 (Swimming)
J. Gerend '17 (Swimming)
C. Glass '16 (Swimming)
J. Hallum '16 (Track & Field)
L. Holtz '15 (Soccer)
R. Hunnewell '16 (Lacrosse)
J. Ingebrigtsen '16 (Band)
R. Jacobsen '15 (Basketball)
B. Jerry '16 (Hockey)
S. Johanns '15 (Swimming)
K. Kennedy '15 (Soccer)
J. Lee '15 (Football)
K. MacDonald '17 (Swimming)
K. Malecha '15 (Tennis)
J. Markert '16 (Football)
W. Mayleben '17 (Swimming)
S. McFadden '16 (Football)
B. McNaney '15 (Golf)
J. Misukanis '15 (Band)
J. Muske '17 (Alpine Ski)
J. Najarian '15 (Swimming)
M. Najarian '17 (Swimming)
M. Newcome '17 (Soccer)
C. Nielsen '16 (Swimming)
H. Nielsen '16 (Swimming)
A. Petronack '15 (Band)
J. Pursley '15 (Swimming)
J. Riehm '15 (Band)
G. Rojas-Westall '15 (Soccer)
J. Rowe '18 (Golf)
M. Rutgers '17 (Track & Field)
E. Ruzicka '16 (Swimming)
M. Ruzicka '15 (Swimming)
A. Schwietz '15 (Cross Country)
W. Sexson '16 (Swimming)
J. Sorenson '15 (Football)
J. Steel '18 (Alpine Ski)
B. Sullivan '16 (Band)
C. Swedal '15 (Alpine Ski)
J. Tarum '15 (Wrestling)
P. Tufto '15 (Hockey)
C. Versich '15 (Hockey)
J. Waldvogel '15 (Football)
T. Weiss '16 (Swimming)
S. Westerback '15 (Tennis)
V. Wren '16 (Cross Country)
J. Wright '17 (Football)
J. Wright '17 (Basketball)
J. Zirnhelt '18 (Alpine Ski)

All-Conference Honorable Mention
M. Bastiaens '16 (Soccer)
C. Berg '19 (Alpine Ski)
B. Bjork '16 (Tennis)
W. Burns '18 (Swimming)
N. Chaffee '16 (Basketball)
C. Duffy '15 (Lacrosse)
E. Dumer '15 (Soccer)
J. Engeswick '15 (Baseball)
K. Fenelon '16 (Tennis)
J. Finn '15 (Football)
A. Gaertner '15 (Football)
A. Haller '16 (Soccer)
J. Harrington '15 (Nordic Ski)
B. Hurley '17 (Hockey)
H. Johnson '16 (Track & Field)
D. Laird '15 (Cross Country)
D. Laird '15 (Nordic Ski)
D. Lee '17 (Swimming)
A. Mayleben '15 (Basketball)
S. McFadden '16 (Lacrosse)
J. Mischke '15 (Baseball)
N. Polaczyk '15 (Cross Country)
J. Pursley '15 (Track & Field)
W. Ramsey '15 (Cross Country)
D. Rascher '16 (Wrestling)
A. Schwietz '15 (Track & Field)
T. Seger '15 (Lacrosse)
C. Shea '15 (Alpine Ski)
J. Smallidge '16 (Hockey)
M. Snow '15 (Hockey)
L. Spencer '15 (Alpine Ski)
Q. Spiering '16 (Wrestling)
L. Stucker '15 (Nordic Ski)
S. Supplee '15 (Track & Field)
M. Thorpe '20 (Alpine Ski)
A. Tri '16 (Baseball)
R. Watts '18 (Track & Field)
L. Weier '16 (Alpine Ski)
K. Wright '17 (Track & Field)
A. Zwaschka '16 (Football)

Other Notes

The Rifle Team won the NRA Sporter Air Rifle Standing National Championship 2014-15. Members of the team were N. Caspers '15, S. Supplee '15, M. Chapman '15, and Patrick Cramer '14.


in the news

S. Johanns '15—Pioneer Press Athlete of the Week (Swimming, January 2015)
C. Versich '15—Aspire Athlete of the Week (Hockey, January 2015)
S. Donohue '15—Pioneer Press Athlete of the Week (Hockey, January 2015)
S. Donohue '15 and P. Tufto '15—Wells Fargo All-Tournament Team (State Hockey, March 2015)
R. Barnes ’15 was a finalist for the sixth annual Mr.& Ms. Lacrosse Award