Congratulations to the 2017-18 Award Recipients!

Joe Boyle ’17, John Philip Sousa Award
Joe was honored with the John Philip Sousa Award. This award is given to a student who displays excellence in loyalty, cooperation, leadership, dependability, and musicianship and participation. The Sousa Award is the pinnacle of achievement in a high school band.

Maggie Cunniff (Vis ‘17), Louis Armstrong Award
The Louis Armstrong Award is given out by high schools nationwide to recognize "outstanding musical achievement and an incredible dedication to the program." The Award is a nationwide symbol of excellence in musicianship. Congratulations, Maggie!

Jacob Weinstein ‘18, Director’s Award
Jacob was recognized with the Director's Award with VISTA Band. This award is given annually to students who show exemplary leadership, responsibility and musical dedication to the VISTA Band program.   

All-Conference Band members:
Peter Bina ‘19
Joe Boyle ‘17
George Budzius ‘19                 
Patrick Garry ‘17                     
Nick Kern ‘18
Jackson Topping ‘19
Jacob Weinstein ‘18                

Maggie Cunniff                   
Janae Lorick
Kaitlyn Zenner                   
Emily Stanely
Katelyn Petronack             
Adeline Balfour
Haley Sabin
Lauren Wohlberg
Christine Kane                  

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