Nordic Skiing Team

Head coach: Garry Loufek,
Assistant coach: Anne McQuillan,
Assistant coach: Janna Aune,
Phone number for coaches: 651-683-1520



Welcome to the 2017/18 Season

Nordic Skiing Goals

New Skiers:

  1. Learn how to ski. 
  2. Get in Shape. 
  3. Enjoy being outside. 
  4. Be part of a team and cheer on the varsity skiers. 
  5. Get a taste for competitive skiing.

Returning Skiers:

  1. Improve fitness. 
  2. Improve ski technique. 
  3. Enjoy the outdoors. 
  4. Improve racing skills. 
  5. Set goals for your season and your high school career.

Varsity Skiers:

  1. Work towards achieving goals. 
  2. Continually improve fitness through hard training. 
  3. Be a role model for younger skiers.

Lettering Criteria

  • All skiers are eligible for varsity letters provided they meet the criteria.
  • A skier needs 5 points to earn a Varsity letter.

    You can earn points in the following ways:
  • Place in the top 10 or the top half (which ever is less) on the team in a race. [1 point]
  • Attend 90% of all practices [1 point]
  • Race for the team in the Conference Championship [2 points]
  • All Conference Honorable mention [1 point]
  • All Conference [2 points]
  • Race for the team in Section 3 Championship [3 points]
  • Race in State meet [5 points]
  • In addition, skiers CANNOT letter if they do not attend at least 80% of all practices, this includes Saturdays and Christmas break practices.