Nordic Skiing Team

Head coach: Garry Loufek,
Assistant coach: Anne McQuillan,
Assistant coach: Janna Aune,
Phone number for coaches: 651-683-1520

2016-17 Season

Congratulations to the Nordic Ski Team for placing second in the MEC Championship race held at Theodore Wirth Park on Friday, January 27, 2017. 

Joey Motzel '19 was the all-around pursuit conference champion and was awarded All-Conference. Peter Holmes '19 and Josh Benedict '17 were awarded All-Conference Honorable Mention. Other team members in the race were Marko Jurkovich '17, Joey Hughes '17, Aidan McSweeney '19, and Max Heuermann '19.

Michael Murray Photography has a link to order individual or team photos online. 

The procedure is this:

1. Go to
2. Click on the side tab named "Online Galleries"
3. Click on the "STA Events 2016-17" icon
4. Enter the Access Code "sta17" and click Submit.
5. Select the Nordic Ski meet gallery

Nordic Skiing Goals

New Skiers:

  1. Learn how to ski. 
  2. Get in Shape. 
  3. Enjoy being outside. 
  4. Be part of a team and cheer on the varsity skiers. 
  5. Get a taste for competitive skiing.

Returning Skiers:

  1. Improve fitness. 
  2. Improve ski technique. 
  3. Enjoy the outdoors. 
  4. Improve racing skills. 
  5. Set goals for your season and your high school career.

Varsity Skiers:

  1. Work towards achieving goals. 
  2. Continually improve fitness through hard training. 
  3. Be a role model for younger skiers.

Lettering Criteria

  • All skiers are eligible for varsity letters provided they meet the criteria.
  • A skier needs 5 points to earn a Varsity letter.

    You can earn points in the following ways:
  • Place in the top 10 or the top half (which ever is less) on the team in a race. [1 point]
  • Attend 90% of all practices [1 point]
  • Race for the team in the Conference Championship [2 points]
  • All Conference Honorable mention [1 point]
  • All Conference [2 points]
  • Race for the team in Section 3 Championship [3 points]
  • Race in State meet [5 points]
  • In addition, skiers CANNOT letter if they do not attend at least 80% of all practices, this includes Saturdays and Christmas break practices.