Nordic Skiing Team

Head coach: Garry Loufek,
Assistant coach: Anne McQuillan,
Assistant coach: Janna Aune,
Phone number for coaches: 651-683-1520

Competition Information

A varsity race is typically 5km and is scored much like cross country running. The Varsity squad is between 4-10 skiers who all race; the fastest 5 score points (more or less) according to where they place overall against the other schools. The team scores are added up and the school with the most points wins the meet. Varsity races range from being somewhat casual (midseason inter-conference meet) to being extremely competitive at the section and state level. It is not uncommon to see high school skiers at the state meet who have competed internationally or who have qualified for Junior Olympics.

Junior Varsity races are usually casual and low pressure for the athletes. They are excellent practice for learning what to expect at varsity level races. New skiers should not be intimidated by racing because it is just an opportunity to get experience and practice skiing competitively.