Nordic Skiing Team

Head coach: Garry Loufek,
Assistant coach: Anne McQuillan,
Assistant coach: Janna Aune,
Phone number for coaches: 651-683-1520

Equipment & Ski Pass Information

All skiers with used equipment to sell should bring it in now—equipment will be sold on a first come basis. A beginning skate skier with no equipment who is going to buy everything new should expect to spend $400. Nicer equipment does make a good skier faster, so varsity level skiers should consider higher performance gear; we have lots of very high end equipment for sale.

Please, DO NOT buy any equipment before talking to Mr. Loufek.

Minnesota Ski Pass

All skiers aged 16 and above will be required to purchase a Minnesota Ski Pass. The seasonal pass costs $20 and can be ordered from the DNR. You can also purchase your pass at any State Park location.

Clothes and Equipment Checklist

  • Skies (Skate for first year, Skate and Classical for second year)
  • Poles (Skate for first year, Skate and Classical for second year)
  • Boots (Combination boots work great for both techniques for beginners, varsity skier racing boots are recommended.
  • Black Lycra Tights (JV - They don’t have to be fancy, just black)
  • Gloves (We recommend “Toko Thermo+” or lobster style gloves)
  • Wind or Warm-up Pants (Inexpensive plastic type pants, NO Cotton)
  • Light Jacket
  • Hat
  • Light Weight Long Underwear
  • Water bottle and carrier or a Camelback
  • Shoes (Make sure you have a quality pair of running/cross training shoes)
  • We race and ski until the temp is -4 degrees (before wind-chill) by MSHSL rules so consider this when you are making clothing choices.

    Finn Sisu and Hoigards are recommended ski shops to purchase equipment ~ Team discounts usually apply.

    Please, please put your name on everything!!