Corps of Cadets Retain Honor of Distinction

News Date : 04/10/2017

From: LTC Michael DePuglio (ret.)
To: STA Corps of Cadets

"I would like to offer my congratulations to the Cadet Colonel, Willian Mayleben, his command team, and the Class of 201​7​ for leading the STA Corps of Cadets through this year's Brigade Formal Inspection. The inspection was conducted by ​soldiers from ​the Minnesota Army National Guard​. It was a tough, demanding, and very thorough inspection. The​ inspectors​ provided the boys with focused lessons on attention to detail and preparedness. It was an inspection our boys will remember for years to come! The overall score was 595 / 600 - which is a Herculean accomplishment! As a result, the boys are allowed to remove their ties for the remainder of the school year. I am especially satisfied on how the Cadets rose to meet the challenge."  

Congrats to the Cadets for a job well done!
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