Model UN Students Impress at Princeton

News Date : 11/21/2016

By Brian Edel
STA Upper School Director / Model UN Moderator

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend out east for the STA squad. For the seniors that have been a part of this program for a couple of years now, this conference seemed to represent them hitting their stride with the Model UN program.  I was equally impressed with our underclassmen and how quickly and assertively they engaged in the lively debates that took place.
As a team, we achieved our greatest success in the four years STA has fielded a Model UN team.  Seniors Marko  Jurkovich, Michael Newcome, and David O'Neill all earned Honorable Mention awards for their work in their respective committees, and numerous others on the team were in contention for awards.

In addition to committee work, we had the opportunity on Saturday to tour the Princeton campus which the boys really seemed to enjoy.  We even got a behind the scenes tour from current Princeton senior Danny Baer, STA '13.  The boys also had access all weekend to discuss the admissions process and college life with their committee chairs, all of whom are current Princeton students.
The conference was attended by schools from all around the world, with delegations from Italy, Spain, China, Honduras, France, Argentina and many, many more.  It was a tremendous opportunity for the boys to truly expose themselves to not only a national but an international perspective on pressing global issues that may influence their own lives.  In all, some 1,500 students attended the conference.
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