STA Alumnus Works with VISTA Productions Students

News Date : 09/27/2016


When Rob Laqui (STA Class of 1996, lower left) was performing on the Visitation School stage as a member of VISTA Productions in 1996, his theatrical dreams were just beginning. Now, as a member of the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil, Laqui will return to the Visitation stage. On Tuesday, September 27, he led a workshop for middle and high school students at Visitation and Saint Thomas Academy.

The workshop, conducted by professional artists touring with Cirque du Soleil’s TORUK - The First Flight, consisted of a cross-section of the multidisciplinary nature of the circus. Three mini-workshop sessions gave the participants a taste of the skills required to be a professional performing artist. One covered the basics of puppetry, using simple objects and paper to work as a team and bring the inanimate to life. A second session (pictured above) taught simple dance and acrobatic techniques, with a focus on body awareness and partnering skills that can be applied to various aspects of the performing arts. The third workshop focused on the specific movements of the Na'vi, the inhabitants of the moon Pandora and characters from TORUK. The workshop combined elements of physical awareness and intent acting and will bring the participants a glimpse into the process of building a physical life for characters and the specific approach the artists from the production use on a daily basis.

~ Jennifer Arriola, Visitation Web & Communications Manager


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