Welcome, Class of 2020!

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and upperclassmen, we welcome you and your parents. You are on your way to being a member of the proud STA “brotherhood.” In four years you will join an alumni fraternity totaling 7,000 strong.

The best advice we can give you and your parents is to get involved, meet new people, try new experiences, and have fun.

We have collected information from a number of web pages to provide an easy resource for you to make your first year at Saint Thomas Academy a memorable experience.

Freshman Orientations: Friday, August 26

The day will begin at 8:00 a.m. with all new cadets meeting in the Wright Lecture Hall for the leadership portion of the day; please drop him off at the Vincent J. Flynn Hall doors. During the morning, your son will receive instruction on a myriad of military things (uniform wear, rank, brigade organization, leadership, demerits), plus many other important topics. In addition, your son will receive his first instruction in drill and ceremonies. Lastly, it is a great opportunity for him to ask questions and interact with senior leaders. Casual clothing and t-shirts are fine, however, please have him wear tennis shoes (no flip flops)…as they will be marching. After lunch, cadets will participate in events sponsored by our administration and the counseling department. Please have you son attend this important "start of school" event!

Afternoon orientation details:

  • The Orientation is supervised by members of our faculty and our student Peer Mentors. 
  • The Orientation begins immediately after lunch, and is an afternoon of informational activities, games, and opportunities to assist students in getting to know his classmates.
  • You should plan to pick up your son at school at 6:15 p.m.

Please contact Mr. Erik Rome (651-683-1550) or LTC Mike DePuglio (651-683-1547) if you have any questions.


I still have to read my required summer books, what are they? Link to that page.

What do I need in my backpack on the first day of school? Link to that page.

There are so many different uniforms, what do they all mean? Link to that page.

I signed up for the Taher lunch program; what's on the menu? Link to that page.

I don’t know anybody in my class, how can I make friends?
The first time you will meet all your classmates is at the orientation and retreat before school begins so you will know many of them before the first day of school! You will meet others during your classes. Also, we have so many co-curricular athletics and activities at STA that you will easily meet new friends. Please visit our list of activities and athletics.

How do I, as a parent, get involved?