Guidelines for STA Parents

School Name and Logos:

The following names/logos are the property of Saint Thomas Academy and cannot be used without the permission of the STA Communications Office:

  • The names Saint Thomas Academy, STA and Cadets (we never use St. Thomas Academy)
  • The Saint Thomas Academy crest (all formats and colors)
  • The Saint Thomas Academy “ST” logo (all formats and colors)
  • The Fleming Alumni Veterans Award name and medal design
  • The Saint Thomas Academy Cadet Maker name and logo
  • The Saint Thomas Academy Athletic Hall of Fame name and logo
  • The Saint Thomas Academy Opus Sancti Thomae name and medal design
  • The Saint Thomas Academy Hames Alumni Honors Award name

Web sites and Communications:

The school has a system that will send e-mails, specific to a team/activity/club, one-at-a-time to avoid “spamming” and “blacklisting.” We will instruct a parent (appointed by the coach/moderator/instructor) to use this e-mail system. Parents designated as a team/activity/club representative should contact the Communications Office at for more information. The school will not condone a social media site (Web site, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) using the Saint Thomas Academy name, logo and/or crest established outside of the STA Web site (, or an e-newsletter or electronic mailing list using the school identity and resources not provided by the school and approved by the STA Communications Office. 

Parent Contact Information:

The usage of e-mail addresses provided by the school is for the exclusive purpose of parent-to-parent, student-to-student, or teacher-to-parent communication ONLY. The addresses are not to be used for any of the following: 1) mass e-mail (defined as more than five recipients); 2) any e-mail communication viewed to represent Academy information (such as school information and announcements); 3) personal business/marketing purposes. Saint Thomas Academy employees are the only people allowed to use e-mail addresses for notices/announcements (unless a person is designated by a team/group and has agreed to use the STA approved system via the Communications Office). All communications using the Saint Thomas Academy name must be approved by and transmitted through the STA Communications Office (exception noted in #2 when a parent has been designated to use the in-house e-mail system and trained by an STA employee). The student directory is provided to STA families as a courtesy to help facilitate a student’s ability to communicate with his peers.


The school contracts through The Photographer’s Guild for the yearbook and event photos such as the Mother/Son Mass and Brunch, and Grandparents Day. Parents and students cannot contact another photographer to take official team or event pictures. The school contracts with Michael Murray Photography for athletic/activities team photos. Family members may certainly take photos for personal use, but we ask that you 1) talk to the Director of Athletics and Activities if you would like access to the field or court, and 2) do not interfere with the Guild’s business photographers or Michael Murray. 

Student Privacy:

Saint Thomas Academy provides an “opt-out” form for parents if their son’s image cannot be used in any STA marketing pieces, including but not limited to, the Web site, advertisements, Saber magazine, brochures and news releases. For their protection, our students are never identified by full name on the Web site. If a parent chooses to post her/his own photographs on her/his own Web site, they should make sure that the parents of each pictured student has approved the usage of that student’s picture. 

Events With Food on Campus:

To prevent any type of food-borne illness at the Academy, please review the following criteria for any event that involves food either prepared at school or brought into school.
a) Only food that has been purchased at a store (with clear distinction) is allowed in school.
b) If you are planning a “potluck” or ANY event involving food at the Academy, you will need to contact the Taher Chef at at least 48 hours before the event. Chef Sansone will work with you so all parties understand the policies and procedures that are in place to ensure that health and safety standards are met according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Guidelines for Parents of STA Team Captains are found on each team's web page.