Exceptional Education and Camaraderie at a Boys’ Academy Near St. Paul, MN and Minneapolis, MN

Saint Thomas Academy is more than a school. It is a brotherhood, a network, and a support system. The friendships and connections made here will serve your son for the rest of his education and career.

Saint Thomas Academy is the only all boys academy near Minneapolis, MN for grades 6 to 12. We provide a unique educational and social experience for our students, motivating him to excel and succeed.

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Join Our Family

Your son will be one step ahead when he completes an STA education. After graduation, he will join a powerful alumni force of more than 7,000 strong.

Our alumni work in a variety of industries, providing current students with numerous avenues to build professional friendships and experience at a young age.

Our alumni force is more than just a professional network. It is a family. Our alumni see themselves as brothers. They help each other find and obtain educational and career opportunities long after graduation.

Learn About Our Methods

At STA, our curriculum focuses on the unique way teenage boys think. Our teachers and administrators design lectures, homework, and experiences to provide a quality education to your son. We aim to inspire our students and help them develop a thirst for knowledge.

We also provide our students with unique volunteer, service, professional development, and internship opportunities. In fact, we have a volunteer-led internship program to help our students gain valuable professional experience as sophomores in college.

At Saint Thomas Academy, we teach our students the skills they need to succeed and welcome them into a proud brotherhood. To schedule a tour of our boys’ academy near Minneapolis, MN, call us at 651-683-1515 or fill out our form here.

“I don't think I ever would have met as many people that are as generous and helpful as the teachers or as understanding as the fellow students. The difference between this school and other coed schools is the espirit d'corps throughout the school.”

—STA Student