Catholic School for Boys Serving Lakeville

The Lakeville area provides your son with various ways to grow and develop. But why not provide him with even better educational opportunities to ensure his future? If you want to give your son an outstanding education, consider enrolling him in Saint Thomas Academy.

Our faculty understands what a well-rounded education means in the 21st century. With more than 130 years of experience teaching young men, STA is able to give boys in grades 6 through 12 an in-depth and hands-on education that will prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow.  We know how boys learn!

Learn About Our Programs

As a college prep, all male, Catholic, military/leadership school, we combine a college preparatory curriculum with leadership instruction and faith-inspiring service. Our goal is to teach students how to become moral and ethical members of society while equipping each of them for the challenges of the future.

The academic program meets students where they are and prepares them for college level learning—all the while encouraging them to become better and better students. Annually, 98-100% of each graduating class immediately enrolls in college after graduation—with average college entrance testing at the 90th percentile.

We truly can provide academic challenges for any level of student—students are able to choose from Honors, Advanced Placement and College in the Schools classes, as well as, standard grade level courses.

Our students are involved and engaged! In addition to academics—he will be a Cadet learning teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship. He will have opportunities to participate in athletics from intramural to varsity teams, and he can consider being involved in arts, clubs, organizations, and service!  We offer all activities sponsored by the Minnesota State High School league for boys and have an extensive co-curricular program for our middle school. 

Get Started Today. The Academy is Affordable!

To learn more about our academic programs and activities, call us at (651) 683-1516. To enroll your son at Saint Thomas Academy, create an online account and fill out an admissions application. Your family may be eligible to receive a need-based grant—we award more than 2.6 million dollars in financial assistance each year to more than 40% of our student body. Visit our Financial Grants page to learn more.