Academic Recovery

For various reasons, students may struggle academically at times. Because we are such a small school, your son's challenges will not go unnoticed. We work as a team with you and your son to solve the problems and get him back on course.

Academic recovery is designed to support and assist students who have been accepted on “supervision” status and those who may be struggling to maintain an acceptable level of academic performance. Students who fall below a 2.0 GPA for a semester or who have an “F” grade in a required course move to recovery status. The student’s counselor will then meet with the student and monitor the students progress over the next semester. This may result in the development of an intervention plan designed by the counselor, student, parents and teachers.

If a student is in recovery status for two consecutive semesters Saint Thomas Academy may initiate an academic screening by a licensed psychologist to clarify the cause(s) of the student’s poor academic performance. This information may assist in identifying action steps needed by the school, parents and the student. Students who find themselves in recovery status for two consecutive semesters or more may be asked to leave Saint Thomas Academy.

How does Academic Recovery differ from Eligibility?

While students who become ineligible for co-curricular activities may regain eligibility at the mid-quarter, quarter, semester or by developing an eligibility monitoring plan, they will remain on “Academic Recovery” for the remainder of the semester or for the next full semester if it is an end of semester grade (i.e. A student may be on AR and still be eligible for co-curricular activities). In addition, an ineligible student cannot be promoted in Leadership until he returns to good standing.  Academic Recovery is a tool for STA to monitor student progress allowing for regular check-ins.