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Saint Thomas Academy School Code—242320—used for test registration
Colleges that require testing accept either the ACT or SAT as part of the application process. While the exam is merely one factor in most college admission review processes, it is always best to feel prepared and confident going into the exam.

Saint Thomas Academy's College Counseling Department recommends that Saint Thomas Academy students take  their first ACT and SAT in December, January or February of their junior year. These test results can be used as diagnostics and will help students focus their preparation for a second test in the spring of the junior year.

Registration deadlines are typically six weeks prior to the test date, so students should plan ahead. Students who have documentation and are eligible for extended time for tests should contact the Learning Specialists for information about applying for extended time for the ACT and SAT Reasoning or Subject Tests.

Key differences between the ACT and the SAT:
The SAT and ACT test on the same basic material in a very similar manner, but the ACT gives you less time per problem to go through the same set of steps.

ACT Time Per Problem

English: 75 problems in 45 minutes.
36 seconds per English problem
Math: 60 problems in 60 minutes.
60 seconds per math problem.
Reading: 40 problems in 35 minutes.
52.5 seconds per reading problem.

SAT Time Per Problem

Writing+Language: 44 problems in 35 minutes.
48 seconds per Writing+Language problem.
Reading: 52 problems in 65 minutes.
75 seconds per reading problem
Math: 58 problems in 80 minutes.
83 seconds per math problem.

Time management is important on the SAT, and it is EVERYTHING on the ACT.
For more information, and to register for standardized tests, go to the following websites:

SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests