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The mission of our department is to facilitate the college search and application process for our students. The process begins in ninth and tenth grade, which will intensify in 11th, and 12th grades. It is our goal to provide each student and his parents with the information, advice, and support needed to make good choices about where to apply and enroll for college.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Saint Thomas Academy this school year, and appreciate the time and information you share with our students.

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Visit RepVisits.com to schedule your appointment. Or, you may contact Casey Erickson at cerickson@cadets.com or 651-683-1528, ext. 1404 to schedule an appointment.


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Parking at STA

When you get to Saint Thomas Academy, please park in the visitor parking spots outside of Founders Hall and check in at the main office. If there are not spots by Founders Hall, please park in the main parking lot's "reserved" spots (first rows) and walk up the short hill to Founders Hall. Doors to Flynn Hall are locked during the day and are not monitored for visitors.
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