Welcome to College Counseling

The mission of our department is to facilitate the college search and application process for our students. The process begins in ninth and tenth grade, which will intensify in 11th, and 12th grades. It is our goal to provide each student and his parents with the information, advice, and support needed to make good choices about where to apply and enroll for college.

College Representatives at STA & College Visits

Every fall, college representatives from more than 100 colleges and universities visit the Academy to find the best and brightest students.

Procedure for Meeting with Reps at STA

The college counseling office works with college representatives to schedule a time to visit STA. Visits will be listed on this page, Schoology, and Naviance, and announcements made during school. Students are expected to sign up for visits in Naviance and request a pass from Ms. Gutierrez or Mr. Erickson. Students are responsible for notifying teachers if they will miss class.

Procedure for Visiting Colleges

Students are strongly encouraged to utilize days when school is not in session to make appointments to visit colleges. Students who miss school for a college visit should see the College Counselor to receive a College Visit form. The completed form should be returned to the College Counselor one week prior to the visit. In addition, a college visit form or visit itinerary from the college being visited is required for the absence to be excused and should be submitted to the College Counselor upon return to STA. Seniors are allowed two days for college visits that are exempted from the Attendance Policy provided the procedures for doing so are followed.

Jun 19


College Ready: Make your Summers Count

For rising juniors, this nine-hour course will cover the following topics: Naviance Family Connection; College Search and Search Tools; College Visits; Interviews; Testing; Recommendations; Essays and Essay Writing;...

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