Middle School English Courses

The program provides students with the opportunity to develop increasing mastery of skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. Middle School classes emphasize language skills necessary for successful study in high school and college. For complete course descriptions, prerequisites, and applicable grade levels, please see the course description handbook.

English 7

This course provides a systematic study of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, integrated with a program of literature, composition, and speech.

English 8

This course further develops grammatical and vocabulary skills through narrative and expository writing skills, speech, and literature.


Creative Writing     

Students learn the basics of creativity and creative writing in this course. Topics include poetry, short stories, plays, and personal narratives.

Word Power

Students participate in word and phrase games as a means to developing spelling and vocabulary skills.

Independent Reading   

This elective is designed to develop reading comprehension and speed as well as a love of reading, by allowing students to choose the books, magazines, and newspapers they study.