Middle School Fine Arts Electives

There are a wide range of Fine Arts courses offered to pique students’ interests in creative expression. For complete course descriptions, prerequisites and applicable grade levels, please see the course description handbook.

Middle School Electives


Artstart introduces students to a wide variety of art media, with emphasis on the basic techniques of drawing, painting, printmaking, clay modeling, and computer art. Students study and evaluate major art movements to discover how people have used art to express ideas across cultures and over time. 

Computer Graphics   

In this course, students come to understand the power, precision, creative inspiration, and control of computer graphics through the use of Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 5, digital cameras, printers, and various multimedia. Projects include creation of professional business cards, billboard design, portrait manipulation, graphic stenciling, and researching and presenting an artist/designer. 

Beginning Band 

Students without any previous band experience may learn to play a wind or percussion instrument. Students will learn the basics of playing an instrument and playing in an ensemble. 

Intermediate Band   

Open to any middle school student with at least one year of experience playing a wind or percussion instrument, this band rehearses two-three times per week in preparation for concerts. and other school and community functions. 

“School of Rock” Exploration  

Students create their own songs on iPads using garage band, play in a drum circle using West African Drums and percussion instruments, compose music with Boomwackers (a la Blue Man Group Style), and sing a song or two. They learn how to be more confident on stage and in life through movement and drama exploration.

Beginning Guitar Lessons

Beginning Guitar is for students interested in learning to play acoustical guitar. They learn the parts of the guitar, chord progressions, scales, strumming patterns, accompaniment figures, and arpeggios, on their way to playing and accompanying basic folk and rock songs in student-led ensembles. 

VISTA String Orchestra  

This orchestra includes string players in grades 7-8 from STA and Visitation. This elective focuses on developing musical skills, and learning to be a member of an orchestra through rehearsals and performances of concert repertoire.