Learning Specialists

As Learning Specialists, our primary responsibility is to work with students individually and in small groups to improve upon their learning, and to achieve better academic success in the classroom. In addition, we work with faculty and parents in order to assist our work with the students.

Learning Specialists

Rassmussen.jpgKaren Rassmussen
Grades 10-12
Mrs. Rassmussen has been with the Academy since 2006.
Her contact information is 651-683-1566 and krassmussen@cadets.com. 
Her direct fax number is 651-683-1558. 


Schultz-Katie.pngKatie Schultz
Grades 6-9
Mrs. Schultz has been with the Academy since 2016.
Her contact information is 651-683-1507 and kschultz@cadets.com. 
Her direct fax number is 651-683-1558.

Overview for each Specialist

Tasks Related to Students

I work with students who are not able to succeed via regular channels (classroom instruction and after school tutoring). These students are capable yet challenged because of some identifiable problem. I am not a tutor of content or a remedial teacher. I work with students to develop strategies that will allow them to be successful in the classroom. In this regard, my duties include:

  1. Identifying those students who are most in need of help from my office, based on one or more of these criteria:
    a. diagnosed disabilities;
    b. D's or F's in multiple subjects;
    c. on academic supervision or academic probation;
    d. parent referrals.

  2. Gathering student information to assist them in their academic success.

  3. Working directly with students regarding their learning needs.

  4. Monitoring the progress of students in the program.

  5. Teach a Middle School elective.


I provide suggestions, insights, and resources to help teachers better understand how particular students learn. My duties with teachers include:

  1. Acting as a liaison between the School Psychologist, Director of Academic Life, and others with the teacher. In this capacity, I serve as a resource person to teachers regarding teaching strategies, learning styles, and classroom situations, which may be of benefit to students.

  2. Conferring with teachers regarding the strategies that they are using so that I am better informed regarding the nature of teaching at Saint Thomas Academy.

  3. Communicating with faculty regarding the students that are being served.


I work with parents so that they are informed relative to the expectations of learning at Saint Thomas Academy. I help parents become partners in our efforts to bring about better academic success for their sons in these ways:

  1. Providing parents with sufficient counseling in order that they may help their sons.

  2. Facilitating/attending conferences with teachers, guidance counselors, learning specialists, and administrators to act as a resource person for those involved.

  3. Attending parent/teacher conferences, open houses, etc., to be available to parents as resource.