Mathematics Courses

There are a wide range of math courses for every grade and skill level. For complete course descriptions, prerequisites and applicable grade levels, please see the course description handbook.

Introduction to Algebra

Structured around rational numbers, variables, geometric figures, and more.
Grade levels: 7-8

Algebra I - Linear

Topics include the structure of the real number system and introduction to exponents and square roots.
Grade levels: 7-8

Algebra II - Quadratic

Students will study expanded systems of first-degree Equations and other rational functions.
Grade levels: 7-9

Advanced Algebra I 

Students will learn about the structure of the real number system, the use of algebraic symbols, a study of first and second degree equations and graphs, and the quadratic formula.
Grade levels: 7-10


This course establishes the tools of geometry and then focuses on properties and applications of lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, and transformations.
Grade levels: 8-10

Middle School Electives

Math Plus

Provides an opportunity to build on math concepts and skills currently being developed in regular math courses.

Math Team     

Prepares students to compete in the Minnesota Junior High Math League.  A broad range of topics are explored and students experience competitive meets, including MathCounts.