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Health & Physical Education at Saint Thomas Academy.

Teenage boys need to stay active and healthy. In addition to activities to keep the boys moving, health classes offer instruction about nutrition and wellness. 

Department Chair Overview


Health topics for discussion in Middle School will include:

  • Understanding emotional behavior swings and dealing with new stressors.
  • Awareness of unhealthy substances and conveying the impact of substance abuse.
  • Nutritional guidelines for food and beverages that promote a healthy life-style.

Physical Education 
Middle School Physical Education will focus on developing personal motor skills and be introduced to strategies and concepts of playground games and activities. As a support to their social development, students will analyze the influence of family, peers and their culture including social media and technology in the context of their personal health behaviors.

Physical Education – .5 credit required each year of Saint Thomas Academy Middle School enrollment. Inclusion of both Health and Wellness topics are included in middle school PE classes.

A Satisfactory (S) grade is recorded for successful completion of the Physical Education requirement and is not included in the overall GPA. Project-based learning and formative assessments will be used to evaluate Middle School Physical Education, health and wellness learning.


Middle School Health & Physical Education Staff

Bill McCarthy
STA teacher since 1997
Teaches 7th grade Physical Education
651-454-4570 ext 1324