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Social Studies at Saint Thomas Academy.

Our students experience the past and learn about the present in social studies classes. Courses focus on the importance of being a responsible, successful citizen in an ever-changing global society. 

Department Chair Overview

The Social Studies Department at Saint Thomas Academy designs its courses to provide a learning environment that promotes academic excellence and recognizes the uniqueness of each individual student. It is the objective of the Social Studies Department that the students will:

  • Acquire geographical skills and be able to identify geographically major areas of the world.

  • Acquire the ability to connect the past and the present by applying methods of historical research; use a variety of sources to demonstrate cause and effect relationships in history.

  • Acquire basic economic literacy of U.S. economic institutions in order to effectively pursue citizenship responsibilities and to enhance personal economic decision-making.

  • Acquire basic political literacy to enable students to effectively participate in the U.S. democratic process.

  • Understand controversial issues and develop thinking skills through the use of position papers and position statement analysis on tests and in debates.

  • Develop a multicultural awareness and sensitivity, recognizing that our judgments about people of different cultures are usually shaped and influenced by the standards and values of the culture in which we live.

  • Develop the competency to acquire, organize, evaluate, and report information for the purposes of solving problems and clarifying issues.

  • Emphasize study skills throughout the year in 6th-8th grades.

Social Studies Courses

Middle School Social Studies Staff

Josh Kaeppe
STA teacher since 1998
Teaches 8th grade Social Studies
651-683-1555 x 1308 and

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Middle School Social Studies Staff

Tom Madden