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World Languages at Saint Thomas Academy.

Our language program is designed to challenge students with classes in Spanish, Chinese, and French. We offer Honors, CIS, and AP for many of these courses.

Department Chair Overview

The goals of our department are to teach effective communication, language proficiency, and cultural understanding. To successfully communicate in a world language, it is important to understand the relevance of diversity and culture, and to have a true appreciation of the global society in which we live. At Saint Thomas Academy, our teachers are dedicated to creating high-quality, student-centered learning environments that prepare our boys to excel in college.


  • Gain skills that enable them to communicate orally and in writing with speakers of another language.

  • Develop a greater understanding about people across national boundaries by giving them insight into the ways of life and ways of thinking of the people who speak the language they are learning.

  • Expand their understanding of how language functions, including their own language.

  • Learn to read with comprehension so that they may keep up with current writing, research, and information in the studied language.

  • Develop critical thinking skills by understanding perspectives, exchanging opinions, and presenting ideas.

  • Be prepared to think and interact in a global community.

  • Be inspired and prepared to study a world language and culture in college.

    Note: Placement is determined by exam scores, satisfactory completion of a lower level course, and/or teacher recommendation.  World Language is encouraged but not required for MS students. A student whose native language is other than English is encouraged to study a third language in the World Language Department or to improve his grammar if his native language is Chinese, French, or Spanish.

    Based on student interest and demonstrated proficiency, higher level language courses are available. Please refer to the Upper School Course Description Book for more information.

World Language Courses

Middle School World Language Staff

Karen Flanagan
STA teacher since 2000
651-683-1555 x1314 and

Photo of Karen Flanagan

Middle School World Language Staff

Erick Rome
STA teacher since 1997

Photo of Erick Rome

Middle School World Language Staff

Kim Anderson

Image of Saint Thomas Academy Teacher Kim Anderson

Middle School World Language Staff

Alice Yang
STA teacher since 2020
651-683-1555 x 1349 and

an image of Alice Yang