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MacBook Air Program


College preparatory academics have been, and always will be, the emphasis of a Saint Thomas Academy education. The 1:1 MacBook Air Program enhances the successful academic program with relevant digital tools. Today’s students must be prepared with the technology literacy skills necessary to be successful in a digital world. Technology in the hands of every student enhances his mastery of 21st century critical thinking and problem solving skills, necessary for effective communication and collaboration in a global community.

There are multiple reasons for Saint Thomas Academy to provide middle school students with devices. By providing students with access to digital tools and resources, there is potential for students to authentically collaborate and communicate with each other as well as demonstrate critical and innovative thinking, problem solving, and creativity within the learning context. Providing each student in a grade with a device allows for consistency. All teachers know what each student has and can include authentic technology in instruction as a result of students having access to digital tools and resources. This consistency also allows for efficiency in training.

The Media Technology Department can focus teacher training on a few devices, software, applications and uses to offer deeper application that supports and enhances the already strong academics at the Academy.

Tina Monosmith
Director of Technology

Photo of Tina Monosmith