Middle School Science Courses

The Middle School science program at Saint Thomas Academy is designed to develop the skills students will need for success in the high school science program. It is our intent that our students will:

  • Be able to intelligently react to the role of science and technology in their lives and be able to make valid decisions in this area.
  • Begin to value the potential they may possess as far as a career in science might be concerned.
  • Understand the methods of science to enable them to become more effective learners.
  • Be more sensitive to the global implications of our life-styles.

Life Science 7

Topics covered in this course are cellular structure, classification of living organisms, an overview of the domains and kingdoms, human anatomy, physiology, genetics, and ecology. All of this material is presented in an introductory manner, and emphasis is placed on developing learning, laboratory, and organizational skills.

Earth and Space Science 8

Topics covered in this class involve the earth and its place in the universe. Students continue to develop the laboratory and study skills begun in Life Science, with further emphasis on analytical skills. Specific areas covered include rocks and minerals, changes of earth’s surface, global water, weather and climate, the solar system and the universe.