Seniors Shine Through Speech Requirement

Every senior has a moment in the spotlight as he gives his senior speech to the entire student body. 

Each student is required to give a 4-5 minute speech to the faculty, students, and visitors at morning formation. The speech provides students an opportunity to demonstrate public speaking skills, and to share meaningful ideas with the Academy community.

The Class of 2018 Senior Speeches

All speeches are presented at Formation, beginning at 10:10 a.m.

Recording a Senior Speech:

Please contact Mr. Geroux at one week prior to your son's senior speech if you would like it recorded and shared with you electronically.

Tuesday, December 5  Dennis Kelly and Louis Kelly 
Wednesday, December 6  Jack Muske and Seth Olson
Thursday, December 7   
Monday, December 11  Charlie Sosa 
Tuesday, December 12  Michael Zander and Anders Kilen
Wednesday, December 13  Elliot Veldhuis 
Thursday, December 14  Chase Foley and Ray Christy
Wednesday, January 3  Patrick O'Meara 
Thursday, January 4   
Friday, January 5  Ian O'Brien
Monday, January 8  Adrian Ridley 
Tuesday, January 9  Cam Cashin and Cameron Sedlack 
Wednesday, January 10  Ben Weisenburger and Max Weisenburger
Thursday, January 11  Coleman Johnson and Brett Zobel
Tuesday, January 16  George Mathews 
Wednesday, January 17  Devin McGill 
Thursday, January 18  Nathaniel Allen 
Friday, January 19  Sam Goaley and Joe Groebner
Monday, January 22  Alex Moeller 
Tuesday, January 23  Toby Suarez-Lopez and AJ Matt 
Wednesday, January 24  Jaison Vang 
Thursday, January 25  Nicholas Kern 
Friday, January 26  Charlie Vick 
Tuesday, January 30  Cole Huettl 
Wednesday, January 31  Seamus Harvey 
Thursday, February 1  Devin Kneer 
Monday, February 12  Sean McQuillan 
Tuesday, February 13  Peyton Smith
Thursday, February 15  Devin Boeing 
Tuesday, February 20  Gram O'Malley 
Thursday, February 22  Jack Kotok 
Friday, February 23  Alex Tsobanakis 
Monday, February 26  Quinn Dolan 
Tuesday, February 27  Charles Quinlan 
Wednesday, February 28 Sean McManus 
Thursday, March 1  Alex Watts 
Friday, March 2  Andrew Johnson 
Monday, March 5  Matthew Mortensen 
Wednesday, March 7  David Gurin 
Thursday, March 8  Kevin Lee 
Friday, March 9  Aman Bird 
Monday, March 12  Chase Kill 
Tuesday, March 13  Bailey Burr 
Wednesday, March 14  Jack Rowe 
Thursday, March 15  Eli Evans and Mason Kobilka 
Friday, March 16  Nik Zholtok 
Monday, March 19  Conor McManus 
Tuesday, March 20  Brendan Houle and Jack Killian 
Wednesday, March 21  Nate Broetzman 
Thursday, March 22  Alex Farley 
Tuesday, April 3  Khia Vue 
Wednesday, April 4  Jack Prokop and Zach Keller 
Friday, April 6  Nick Witkowski 
Monday, April 9  Griffin Gagnier and George Stewart 
Tuesday, April 10  Gabriel Leahy and Tanner Hopkins 
Wednesday, April 11  Riley Miller and Tim Gattman 
Thursday, April 12  Payton Matsui and Joey Gerend 
Friday, April 13  Will Burns 
Monday, April 16  Jarrid Pizel 
Tuesday, April 17  James Wood and Michael Russomano 
Wednesday, April 18  Stephen Kasella 
Thursday, April 19  Matthew Pagnotta 
Friday, April 20   
Tuesday, April 24  Anthony Owens and Sean Newsome 
Wednesday, April 25  Blake Holmes 
Thursday, April 26  Blake Kinzer 
Friday, April 27  Joe Zirnhelt 
Monday, April 30  Jack Kubes