Middle School Social Studies Courses

For complete course descriptions, prerequisites and applicable grade levels, please see the course description handbook.


Geography tries to make sense of the world around us. It helps us understand how people, places, and environments came to be and how they affect each other. In this class, we ask where is something? Why is it there? How did it get there? How does it affect the natural environment in this area? Every world region is examined, including Canada and the USA, Latin America, Europe and Russia, Africa, Southwest and Central Asia, South and East Asia, and Oceania. Each unit seeks to answer an essential question that tackles a challenging social issue. There is a strong emphasis on working with maps and other related social studies skills. In December, all 7th and 8th graders participate in the National Geographic Bee.

U.S. History 8

This course is designed to show the students the growth of the U.S. in economic, political, and social areas. The students analyze the great changes in American life since the birth of the nation, as well as elements that have endured to build American's heritage. Students also study political and military conflict and evaluate the role of America in the world. Students continue to build and use skills in geography and learn historical writing and data analysis skills. All 8th grade students participate in the History Day competition, based on the topic of their choice.


Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is a semester-long elective class offered on alternate days. (This class is separate from the after-school co-curricular activity.) Students learn the rules of competition, form teams, and compete in friendly matches. Assessment will be based on knowledge of the rules and strategies, sportsmanship, classroom behavior and effort. The course curriculum uses a current event magazine (THE WEEK) from which a majority of competition questions will be drawn. Class graded S/U.

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