Middle School Theology Courses

For complete course descriptions, prerequisites and applicable grade levels, please see the course description handbook. 

Faith in Jesus

This course is designed for seventh graders and has as its primary focus the person, history, and message of Jesus Christ. Students are encouraged to not only study the life and times of Jesus, but to adapt His message to their daily lives. Students study the Gospels and take part in weekly discussions of the Scripture's doctrine and morality. All students take part in the planning and celebration of prayer through prayer services and liturgies. Students also have the opportunity to participate in community outreach programs.

Faith in the Church

This course is designed for eighth graders and places its focus on the story of the Church. The first semester of the course serves as an introductory analysis of the Catholic Church from the Pentecost to the 21st century. The second semester is divided into several components: prayer, parish life, Christian art and music, and an introduction to social justice issues. Students will discuss life issues as adolescent members of the global church as well members of a local parish of faith community. Students also participate in Middle School service projects and will experience an annual retreat.