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Fine Arts at Saint Thomas Academy

Your son can explore various forms of creative expression through our fine arts classes. Our teachers and administrators know that the fine arts are an important part of a student's education.

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Department Chair Overview
Visual Arts
The art program is designed to give students a working knowledge of the tools and language of the visual arts so that they are able to think effectively, work creatively, and know first hand the artistic experience. The offerings of the program are varied and aim to meet the individual needs of the student at any level of development and from any background of artistic experience. It is the goal of the art department that the students will accomplish each of the following:
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the art skills, techniques, and concepts used to convey ideas.
  • Apply both abstract reasoning and emotional intuitive responses during the art experience.
  • Convey ideas through multiple stage techniques and mixed media processes.
  • Make knowledgeable aesthetic value judgments based on personal work, the work of other students, and artists of the past and present.
  • Have an art work exhibited and experience art in a gallery or museum setting.
  • Understand the relationship of arts to society and demonstrate respect for the expressions of others.

The music program at Saint Thomas Academy is designed to promote and direct musical growth, help members become proficient on their chosen instruments or with their voices, and provide a creative outlet for musical talent. The music department also serves as a support group for the Academy at athletic events, liturgies, parades, and concerts where the general public is invited. It is our objective that the students:

  • Become proficient at their chosen instruments or with their voices to a level consistent with the average level at each grade.
  • Become familiar with different historical styles and composers of music through the performance of balanced repertoires.
  • Learn what it is like to be a part of a large group, all working towards the same goal, where the efforts of any one individual are considered essential to achieving that goal.
  • Be prepared and motivated enough to continue singing or playing their instruments in college and for life, even if only for recreation.
  • Attain the maximum level of achievement the member's talent allows him to reach.

Students from Saint Thomas Academy and Visitation School combine to form VISTA Productions which produces theatrical works and creative projects at Visitation and throughout the community. There are many exciting opportunities for involvement both on and off stage. We produce a wide variety of theatrical works ranging from more classical writings such as Shakespeare to contemporary pieces by national and local playwrights. Our season also includes instruction in comedy improvisation techniques, dance and choreography, with numerous opportunities for student leadership in the creative and production process. We strive to produce a season which challenges and enlightens our students while helping them discover their talents.

Fine Arts Courses

Department Chair

Brandon Lutterman
STA teacher since 2018
651-454-4570 ext 1307

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