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Health & Physical Education at Saint Thomas Academy.

Teenage boys need to stay active and healthy. In addition to activities to keep the boys moving, health classes offer instruction about nutrition and wellness. 

Department Chair Overview

Health is a graded course (A-F). In high school, a portion of Health must be taken during 9th grade, with the remainder in the coming three years. The general objectives of health education include instilling in the students:
  • An appreciation of current health issues.
  • An awareness and understanding social situations and relationships.
  • An understanding of body systems and illness.
  • An understanding of the correlation between lifestyle and wellness.

Physical Education 
The purpose of Physical Education is to enhance both physical and social development for all students. By providing guidance, instruction and experiences that help young men make informed choices about their fitness and well being, students are challenged to reach their full potential. The general objectives of the P.E. department include instilling in the students:

  • An appreciation, understanding and application of physical fitness.
  • An appreciation and understanding of lifetime sports and activities.
  • An appreciation and understanding of team sports and leadership.
  • An introduction to a variety of activities, some of which they would not normally have exposure to.


Health & Physical Education Courses

Department Chair

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