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Laptop Program

Information and Frequently Asked Questions

BYOD, (Bring Your Own Device) in the high school is the next step in our implementation of information technology to enhance the learning environment in which each student has relevant learning tools in the classroom. As with all major decisions made at the Academy, we spent significant time determining what is best to prepare young men to succeed in college and in life. This change is part of an ongoing process connecting academics, technology, and the educational tradition at Saint Thomas Academy.

We need to purchase a device. Where does Saint Thomas Academy recommend we start?

Unique Software, Inc., is our recommended vendor for computer purchasing and service. Unique created a web page that will represent our requirements with a variety of available warranties and service packages. Unique is located near Saint Thomas Academy at 3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd #127, Eagan, MN 55121. Their phone number is (651) 454-0622. They welcome student phone calls concerning machine issues and are available for repairs. Unique Software, Inc., offers warranties for new laptops and previously owned devices and has established a web page, providing device and warranty options available.

STA Laptop Program

The Minimum Requirements for Laptops:

Memory/Hard Drive:
4GB Memory, 128 HDD, OS X (10.12
Screen Size: 11"
Battery Life: 7+ hours
Keyboard: Attached

Memory/Hard Drive:
4 GB Memory, 128 HDD, Windows 7, Intel
Core i5 processor
Screen Size: 11"
Battery Life: 7+ hours
Keyboard: Attached

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Tina Monosmith
Director of Technology

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