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Laptop Program

Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Saint Thomas Academy knows that each learner is unique. A Bring Your Own MacBook 1:1 environment assures that each student will have a device empowering him to be successful academically as well as tailoring a device to his own differentiated learning needs. Families are responsible for providing a MacBook laptop for their son to use for learning at Saint Thomas Academy every day. This allows the family to make the choice of the type of laptop, warranty, and service options. Families also own the device, and the student will then have the device throughout the summer to use for extended learning outside the classroom. Brining your own MacBook also allows families to provide their son with an existing MacBook laptop, if they already own one, without needing to purchase something new. The BYOD environment prepares graduates for the types of technology environments they will find at most four-year colleges. Saint Thomas Academy partners with Unique Software as a service provider. Students can choose from multiple types of warranties for new laptops purchased through Unique as well as new and used MacBooks purchased from other retailers.

We need to purchase a device. Where does Saint Thomas Academy recommend we start?

Unique Software, Inc., is our recommended vendor for computer purchasing and service. Unique created a web page that will represent our requirements with a variety of available warranties and service packages. Unique is located near Saint Thomas Academy at 3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd #127, Eagan, MN 55121. Their phone number is (651) 454-0622. They welcome student phone calls concerning machine issues and are available for repairs. Unique Software, Inc., offers warranties for new laptops and previously owned devices and has established a web page, providing device and warranty options available.

Why is a MacBook Laptop the best choice for the 9-12 student?

Saint Thomas Academy has a tradition of preparing young men for leadership and is academically demanding. Students use higher level thinking skills like critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, analysis, research skills, creativity, leadership, collaboration, and cooperation authentically in learning. Laptops allow students to have multiple applications running, multiple browser windows open, and simultaneously use various digital resources and applications fluidly and collaboratively. The courses at Saint Thomas Academy involve writing across multiple subject areas. Having a keyboard, a robust word processing and document creation program, and storage for accessing documents without reliance on Wi-Fi will simplify and enhance the student experience in our college preparatory environment so that technology does not impede academic performance. Saint Thomas Academy maintains an Apple environment. All of our computer labs have iMacs, and our faculty members use MacBook Air devices. One of the reasons why the Technology Department members prefer the Apple environment is due to the reduced effect of computer viruses and enhanced capacity for online safety designed for student use compared to similar operating systems 

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Tina Monosmith
Director of Technology

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