Middle School World Language Courses

There are a range of courses offered to develop students' reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in a language other than English. For complete course descriptions, prerequisites, and applicable grade levels, please see the course description handbook.

Introduction to World Languages

As 7th graders, students will receive a sampling of three languages: French, Latin, and Spanish. In this way, students are exposed to various cultural perspectives as they learn to increase their awareness and knowledge of what it means to be a global citizen.

Students will learn each language at the introductory level. In French, students will learn about the phonetics of the French language as well as simple vocabulary and language structures. In Latin, students will begin the study of vocabulary, syntax and the Roman culture. Finally, in Spanish, students will learn contextualized vocabulary and grammar structures in order to facilitate verbal and written communication, while being exposed to the cultures around the world where Spanish is the primary language.

Please note:
 There is no guarantee of availability of Chinese classes for STA Middle School students due to potential schedule conflicts.


In the starter level of Mandarin Chinese the students become familiar with the fundamentals of the Chinese language. They learn pinyin – and rominzation of Chinese, tones, and over 125 Chinese characters. Family and friends; the home and neighborhood; and classroom commands are the core curriculum. Through the use of the basic text, role-plays, and hard work the student learns to express himself in the present and past tense. He is also introduced to the diversity of the Chinese language and culture via media and real life experience.
All year (first half of Chinese I) - Grade 7


Building upon materials learned in Chinese IA the student integrates over 200 new characters and covers topics including time; class schedules, invitations and outings; placement of objects, colors and school supplies, and technology. Through the use of the presentation, Chinese Poetry, and traditional sayings the student continues to develop a cultural and technical understanding of Chinese.
All year (second half of Chinese I) - Grade 7


This intermediate Chinese class teaches the student over 400 new characters- emphasizing complex sentences making, typing in Characters. In Chinese II the students focus on making comparisons and narratives, and dabble in Chinese history; the students continue to develop their lingual skill set covering topics like: Chinese geography; buying and selling, transportation, activities, media, and describing the organization of locations.
All year - Grade 8


The study of topics involving weather, time, and seasons; family and friends; the home and neighborhood; and items found in everyday life are the core of this year’s curriculum. Through the use of the basic text and oral comprehension program, the student learns to express himself in the present tense. He also is introduced to the diversity of the French language and culture through carefully planned units that present the French-speaking countries around the world.
All year - Grade 8


Students comprehend the Latin language through the study of vocabulary, syntax and practice in reading Latin. It is the intent of this course to give the student a facility in reading Latin, an appreciation of Roman history and Roman culture, and a better appreciation of the contribution Latin has made to English. The Latin readings introduce students to mythology and the everyday political and social history of Rome.
All year - Grade 8


This course continues to introduce students to the Spanish language and culture. This course allows students to continue their communication skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish in order to complete their Level 1 requirement.
All year - Grade 8